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🎵 Listened to Kikagaku Moyo - Kumoyo Island [2022] ★★★
Kumoyo Island
Kikagaku Moyo
2022 · psych rock · ★★★
Kumoyo Island, an Album by Kikagaku Moyo. Released 6 May 2022 on Guruguru Brain. Genres: Psychedelic Rock. Rated #281 in the best albums of 2022. Source: rateyourmusic.com
Album Notes

Kikagaku Moyo bid farewell to the world on a high note with their final album. Monaka and Gomugomu are pure dance-floor bliss.

Thank you, Japanase psych rock gurus for 10 years of great music and specially for Forest of Lost Children, which since its release and to this day I consider one of the best albums of the past decade.


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