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↩️ Reply to jlelse.blog:

Loving the improvements, Jan-Lukas. I have already imported my Notes and Articles into my instance, knowing that eventually GoBlog will be my home.

Before reaching out to you I wrote an article on how there’s no easy to install IndieWeb-ready blogging system, but there is, so I had to scrap it. Thank you for discouraging my blogging 🙃

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📚 Finished reading:

Henry David Thoreau
ISBN: 0486284956
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🎵 Listened to Spiritualized - Everything Was Beautiful [2022] ★★★½

💿 Added an album to La Discoteca

Everything Was Beautiful
2022 · art rock · ★★★½

#Plexamp just reminded me that 25 years ago today Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space was released and only a couple of weeks ago, Spiritualized’s 9th LP came out.

I guess you could say J. Spaceman has been making the same great songs consistently for over 3 decades or that Everything Was Beautiful is a refreshed collection of the band’s best snippets throughout an amazing discography.

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Gabo Loaiza
“Me preocupa el auge de la ultraderecha. Soy de izquierdas. Creo en el estado del bienestar. No tengo seguro privado y nunca votaré a quien prometa bajarle los impuestos a los más ricos. Si hay algo que nunca haré en mi vida es votar a la derecha” (Jurgen Klopp).
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📚 Finished reading:

The Republic
ISBN: 9780140449143
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↩️ Reply to @ramiroruiz:

Ramiro Ruiz
Couple months ago, worse thing for me is that I was stuck in the “Figma (design) phase” thankfully I recently changed my approach and shipped an MVP version and I’m still tweaking it but I’m more happy now.

Your website looks great! And I love how you kept the various designs you have had over the years. I see that you’re using umami analytics, would you recommend it?

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🎵 Listened to The Creatures - Feast [1983] ★★★½

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The Creatures
1983 · post-punk · ★★★½

What an amazing discovery!

“a lush, tropical experience” is the only right way to describe it and all that needs to be said about this sexy album.

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🔖 Bookmark: Dream Gazers: The Story of Dream Pop

VISIT THE DOCUMENTARY WEB PAGE:https://www.dreamgazersfilm.comABOUT DREAM GAZERS:DREAM GAZERS is a film documentary created by the PM ART project, with the a...
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Music Charts in 2021

This year I focused on listening to albums that were on my collection and I hadn’t played. I didn’t listen to a lot of music released in 2021, but I did overplay Black Country, New Road's debut....Read Full Article
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🎶 Playlist: Primavera Eterna

Primavera Eterna

The farewell that never was.

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Hello, IndieWeb!

For the past month I have put more hours into this website than I ever have. I didn’t make huge changes in the design, there’s isn’t much to do anyways as my colorblindness and a pinch of paranoia have led me to settle with black and white as the “trusted colors.” So I’ll stick with it. I did, however, made sustancial changes on how the website (me) interacts with the interwebs, but this is not a post about the my website setup, who needs another one of those?

Honestly Undefined #19, by Rakhim.org.

I must say however that it took me more than I expected to implement IndieAuth, microformats, webmentions and eventually a micropub end-point, but after a weekend of trial and error, I have finally done it.

Why did I even bother? Well, the motivation for these changes came as I dived into the IndieWeb, and the above mentioned are building blocks, the technolgies and design-patterns on which the project is built on. The truth is I am fascinated by this community of people that refuses to let the tracking giants take over the whole Internet and they do so by owning their content. How come I didn’t find them sooner? I don’t know.

Even though I always owned my content by keeping all posts and pages stored as markdown files and in recent years by owning a domain name as well, two months ago I had decided to let Tumblr host my presence online, crazy to me now that I’m so determined to maintaining it independently for as long as I can.

But you know what’s the best about this whole “journey”? I’m revisiting a warm and fuzzy feeling I thought long lost in the memories of the late 2000s, it’s the joy of finding an inspiring and personally crafted website. For me the best thing about the IndieWeb is discovering people that are using their website as an extension of their personality and not just sharing words on a generic online profile that depends on the decisions of corporate people.

The IndieWeb has inspired me and I’m here to stay.

All of this is to properly say:

Hello, IndieWeb!

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🎶 Playlist: Raining Again

Raining Again

Rains all over Medellín again. The country is in chaos. Here’s nothing but guitar sounds. 

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🎶 Playlist: Yanoharés


Soundtrack from January & February 2020.

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🎶 Playlist: Sintiembres


Soundtrack for the end of 2020.

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