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Andrés Cárdenas

🇨🇴 Autodidact. Thinking out-loud about Free software, privacy, Football & Rock music.


On the Internet I go by kandr3s, but my name is Andrés Cárdenas.

I’m a 🇨🇴Colombian Autodidact interested in Free software, privacy, ⚽Football, Rock music, Philosophy, Classic novels and documenting my life.

On this website I…

I consider myself a minimalist as that’s the lifestyle I embraced growing up in a remote village in Colombia. There was never room for excess in any aspect of life and I’ve kept it that way over the years. I’ve worked in mines, retail, warehouses, call centers, online publications and building websites.

I’m a privacy, self-hosting and free software enthusiast. When using software or online services, unless unpractical, I always go with the open source and privacy-respecting option.

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