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La Discoteca

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💽 Disc-o-what?
Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan in the movie High Fidelity.

Discoteca (Spanish)

  1. Collection of musical discs (records).
  2. Physical place to store a record collection.
  3. Nightclub

This is a collection of albums I have spent time with. I own some of them in vinyl or CD, but most I’ve kept in digital formats over the years. I’ve played some of them more than others, but I’ve given every single one my undivided attention, not all of them are worth spending time on so I created an Albums Feed that includes everything I consider worth listening to at least once in a lifetime and albums released within the last year.

Esta es mi discoteca. Welcome.

Albums Feed

avatar Andrés Cárdenas (@kandr3s)
🎵 Listened to Spiritualized - Everything Was Beautiful [2022] ★★★½

Everything Was Beautiful
2022 · art rock · ★★★½

#Plexamp just reminded me that 25 years ago today Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space was released and only a couple of weeks ago, Spiritualized’s 9th LP came out.

I guess you could say J. Spaceman has been making the same great songs consistently for over 3 decades or that Everything Was Beautiful is a refreshed collection of the band’s best snippets throughout an amazing discography.

avatar Andrés Cárdenas (@kandr3s)
🎵 Listened to The Creatures - Feast [1983] ★★★½

The Creatures
1983 · post-punk · ★★★½

What an amazing discovery!

“a lush, tropical experience” is the only right way to describe it and all that needs to be said about this sexy album.