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↩️ Reply to jlelse.blog:

Loving the improvements, Jan-Lukas. I have already imported my Notes and Articles into my instance, knowing that eventually GoBlog will be my home.

Before reaching out to you I wrote an article on how there’s no easy to install IndieWeb-ready blogging system, but there is, so I had to scrap it. Thank you for discouraging my blogging 🙃

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↩️ Reply to @ramiroruiz:

Ramiro Ruiz
Couple months ago, worse thing for me is that I was stuck in the “Figma (design) phase” thankfully I recently changed my approach and shipped an MVP version and I’m still tweaking it but I’m more happy now.

Your website looks great! And I love how you kept the various designs you have had over the years. I see that you’re using umami analytics, would you recommend it?

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↩️ Reply to @_copelia__:

Gente, ¿Deezer o Spotify? ¿Cuál recomiendan? ¿Cuál es la diferencia?
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